Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Broad Bench sequence.The best wave we have in our humble little area {The Kingdom of Wessex}. This wave is off limits to surfers most of the time due to being "just" in a military firing range,It has been surfed since 1964 and i myself have had the best sessions of my life over the last 40 years at this spot,the next generation of surfers may have to be content with just watching this wave unless a compromise is reached with the m.o.d. lets hope for better access in 2011 ?.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Possibly the coolest shirt i've ever seen,that sums it all up, is Mike Short's ALOHA shirt.

above MC and Russ Short, then Lorin the designer with DC and Russ short.above that Campbell working his way through the menu,top shot is the Short Bros Mike and Russ.

There's only one Jock sutherland! and theres only two Campbell Bros! above is me and Emma "bunny" Macwilliam on us holidays.

Bonzer party in Hawaii 2007. Famous line up above,apart from me of course! above that me and DC swigging our way through the evening,above that the legend that is Jock Sutherland and my good self having a natter. Enuff name dropping for you?

Monday, 27 December 2010

More of Tim Elsner bonzering his way very stylishly through somewhere jolly warm! A direct contrast to me and Gazza G surfing Broad Bench Boxing day in 5 mm of rubber!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas to y'all, from us.lookin forward to warmer times,from an apocalytically cold England.x.x.

Theres something you dont see everyday! saw this while delivering Bonzers for morocco at Hydr8 kite surf shop in very upmarket Canford Cliffs area of bournemouth. Stunning piece of work,i think they were called Fangtails from memory, and no they wouldnt sell it !!.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Stock Bonzer List-All the stock boards are shaped blanks,ready to be finished and coloured any way you want ! Russ Short-6' 7''. Russ Short Light Vehicle 6' 6'' and 6' 4''. Octafish- 6' 2''. 6' 0'' and 5' 11''. Bumblebee/Wasp/Light vehicle 6' 0''. Egg/EB5- 6' 4''. I also have a 6' 8'' Egg/EB5 finished in clear/speedcoat . and a 5' 10'' Bumblebee/Wasp 3 fin finished in clear/speedcoat.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

MC with MC, a humble man somewhat spooked by the spectre of being watched over by himself , at the UWL surfshop.

Renauld and Thomas the brothers behind the best surfboard factory in france,and also the nicest people in france! pictured with "The Guvnor"

MC at UWL in france 2009 the best surfboard factory in France!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Danny Magees Beast of a Bonzer! @ 9'4'' x 21 3/4'' x 3 5/16'' . This is the 4th one that resides in bournemouth,causing speculation that there is a new big wave spot on the Jurrasic coast?.I couldnt possibly confirm or deny this. Looks a bit laurel and hardy against his Mini Merk in the top photo! Both boards will be on display in Dans "Backyards" surf shop in Bournemouth if you want to see them in person.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thats ''Frontiersman'' Tim Elsner from san clemente california about to blend in seemlessly with the local aquatic mammals on a surf trip to Alaska,now that is hardcore! below Tim is his Major Merk at 6'10'' the biggest merk i've seen! Tim is a super guy and bonzer afficianado,and board collector,Tim is reputed to own 95% of all the surfboards in san clemente?

It is written in the scriptures that when you have a red white and blue board you have to photograph them together!

Another matt resin tint for Tom Farrel on this octafish 5' 11'' x 20 1/2'' x 2 7/16'' all Toms boards have been taken out to morroco for serious appraisal in the right hand pointbreaks.

BumbleBee for Tom Farrel, Board fit for a Hobbit 5'6'' x 20 3/4'' x 2 1/2''. this is a matt resin tint which looks cool and lived in.

Mini Merk for Tom Farrel (farrel the barrel) weighing in at 6'0'' x 20'' x 2 5/16''