Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Eds sunday best, performance Semi Gunn. 7'8'' x 20 3/8'' x 3'' . we do a lot of these style boards for the Jurassic Coast reefs,they really help with paddling and making the waves and are super fun and you can really throw them about on the right waves. A must have for the elderly surfer.

The Mighty "Ed the Fish" with his new bonzers, Ed rips with full power,but lately has had problems with his quiver so has flogged the lot and got what everyone's been telling him to do and get a bonzer!. Ed's been borrowing from my quiver and rips on them far more than on yer standard thruster type nonsense,so i'm really glad he's done it now.Now if we can just convince Taylor Knox to do the same in a contest? the mind boggles!

New Delivery !!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mark "smiler" Frost (the fun never stops) with his brand new Bonzer Light Veeehicle ! the dimensions are 6'6'' x 21'' x 2 7/8'' .This is only the second light vehicle to be made in england. Mr frost is a Bonzer devotee on a grand scale,which is a polite way of saying he's a NUTTER! (about bonzers) .hope you enjoy it sir.

Taylor Knox back on a Bonzer5 at Backdoor.I'm just a casual observer here but it would seem that mr knox is surfing the bonzer design better than the standard"thruster"design? ( old bonzer joke )haha.-video stills courtesy of the Rip Curl crew and as always the big thanks to Duncan Campbell (DC) at Cafe Haliewa in Hawaii.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Big Ern with glow in the dark Light Vehicle, note his missing tooth which is missing!

Oli Penwarden (no relation) doing his Wayne Lynch impression on his dads Magic Carpet bonzer 5.

Bonzer 5 eggs off to Ireland belonging to Elvis, John, Rory, Joe, and Cian. hope you chaps have fun!

Top and bottom of Nigel Welch's EB5 bonzer egg modelled by skate moss(honest) 6' 10'' x 21 5/8'' x 2 11/16'',nigel describes it as a lot looser than he thought it would be.bonzer old timers will get the irony of that statement!

Holm's Russ Short-6'7''x20''x2 5/8'' destined for germany,beatifull quality from the OM factory

Jason modelling the new Flextail Bonzer Hull range

Thats grunger with the orange hull.he is responsible for the mayhem caused to MC and the Ocean Magic boys.So far he is unrepentant and thoroughly pleased with himself!

jason being dead helpfull in pointing out where the leash goes,this service was included in the price! JPs burger van in the background,the ocean magic "office"

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

backyards board array

flextail bonzer hulls

petty stack of bonzers

quality finish by ocean magic

stealth bonzers

corporate bonzers, never again!

a welcome alternative to chasing shifty beach break peaks up and down the beach,jurassic coast at its finest