Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thats ''Frontiersman'' Tim Elsner from san clemente california about to blend in seemlessly with the local aquatic mammals on a surf trip to Alaska,now that is hardcore! below Tim is his Major Merk at 6'10'' the biggest merk i've seen! Tim is a super guy and bonzer afficianado,and board collector,Tim is reputed to own 95% of all the surfboards in san clemente?

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  1. Tim is now aproaching 60 and still riding extreme waves from Indo to Alaska... did an awesome trip to Simileu with him and Steve Jacobi who are entirely responsible for my current state of Bonzer intoxication. Tim is a real inmspiration for all us over 40s who wonder just how long we will be able to ride the sort of waves we dream about. And on that note I'm off to the Mentawais in March. Yes it's been done before but you can never have enough HTs and Macaronis!