Monday, 21 February 2011


High tide Bench.



Nice rocks,above that a couple of tramps apres surf ,and top is brunos mum Emma.

Weapons of choice { fun-guns }

Boards of choice,the blue and white is 7' 6'' the purple one is 8'4'' to big you say? then you obviously havent paddled against the dropping tide rip out at the Bench, then tried to catch one of the THICK waves out there! + i'm 52 and it wears me out. Must say though that these boards rule out at the bench on such days.

Friday, 18 February 2011

BROAD BENCH {off limits}

Broad Bench a perfect place to watch perfect waves go unridden {off limits}

Charnel Point

Secret Spot!

Charnel Point looks a bit of fun!


Bay showing a bit of form,above that broad bench

Bench last saturday

Gnarly but good shape and size,and the currant bun was out!

K-BAY last saturday!!

Bench looking nice! Above that maxed out "yellows"

The bay breaking through the channel.

Thats the "boat people" just off the bench in a bit of deep water above,they are the true hardcore locals !!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The new HATS are here!!!

The new slouch beanies and below the peaked beanies are selling well at £12 for the slouch's and £14 for the peaked, +£2-95 p+p recorded delivery ,sorry no pay pal, cheques are fine though, or bank transfer. order through or by phone on 0774 921 0094 anytime.

Tom modelling the new slouch beanies.

The new slouch beanies are £12 + £2-95 p+p recorded delivery!

The new Peaked Beanie !!

The peaked beanie in action at K-Bay!. The peaked beanie is £14 + £2-95 p+p recorded delivery. Thats Dan Magee with his new Mini-Merk , first surf apparently it's the bollox!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rob Reid's new 6' 2'' WASP pre polishing shot, cool colour design on this little Hot Rod.The WASP is a pulled in tail version of the legendary Bumblebee design.