Wednesday, 30 March 2011


MALCOLM CAMPBELL will be in the UK to shape BONZERS at the Ocean Magic factory on JUNE 15th for two weeks. As usual it will be first come first served,i'm taking orders from today so please contact me as early as possible to avoid missing out on 0774 921 0094 or email luv,GUY.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wavelength Gun Shoot.

odd place for a photoshoot?

Note "thruster riders" in the background,suspicious of change,sceptically chewing grass."it had 5 fins i tell you!!".

Greg Martian from Wavelength Magazine with one Retro looking Camera.
Wavelength are doing an article on Guns and people that use them,thats Matt Grunger the willing participant with 9'4''.

Friday, 18 March 2011

New BONZERS in stock and for sale !!!

Russ Short's in triplecate!!

Russ Short's in stereo!.

6'6'' Russ Short with Light Vehicle bottom.

6'4'' Russ Short with Light Vehicl bottom.

6'7'' Russ Short.

5' 10'' WASP with Light Vehicle bottom.

6'8'' Egg with EB5 wing.

6'4'' Russ Short Light Vehicle bottom detail.

6'6'' Russ Short Light Vehicle bottom in detail.

5'10'' WASP with the Light Vehicle bottom,this board will fly believe me!!

Close up on the EB5 Wing on the 6'8'' Egg, this makes the board really loose.

SNUGG - Worlds Best Wetsuits?

It's nice to know that in a Globalized World of mass production wetsuits{made in china} that you can still have bespoke tailored suits made to measure by hand in england,they also last more than 2 seasons!. I've been using snugg's for years and would NOT go anywhere else!.they also ride bonzers. That's the slave driver Malcolm Ball ,the guvnor trying to look hard and almost succeeding. I shall be an agent for snugg wetsuits in Dorset for next winters order's or now if you want measuring up for a suit!

Sweat Shop Labour!

Snugg The "Saville Row" of wetsuits!

My own Retro suit its a "hot" 4/3 mm and has been ACE all winter!! above.

The showroom and measuring area,the patterns,and a very tired bruno!