Wednesday, 15 June 2011


These shots of the superbank were taken in the 1990s sometime,this is on high tide it got even better when the tide went out.The right was the wave to get it went from the tip of the pier all the way to Harry Ramsdens shitty fish and chip shop,forever known as Ramsdens Righthander!!

This shot of the chaps on the piss, this is how we roll !!, me in the hat, shakey dave i think as Gene Simmons ,small in the headband, and far left Surfing Dave Coleman who used to open up for the CLASH no less,this is part of the reason i gave up drinking !!

The caption says it all !! Simon Gracia ,bonzer afficianado, top DJ and the only man i know that swears more than i do,which is a hell of an achievement believe me! This pic was taken at croyde ,relaxing after the first surf 3' glass and sunny having succesfully negotiated the moody locals in the line-up on our BONZERS without being crucified for our beliefs of a master race of sufboards,we await round 2!!.Any resembelance between simon and the new face of calvin klein are purely coincidental.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the BONZER this year Malcolm will be showing A short film {20 mins} of old and new bonzer footage! Featuring the BROS, RUSS SHORT, and TAYLOR KNOX amongst others.We will probably be showing it in St Agnes on the 28th or 29th of june at the AGGIE surf shop to coincide with steak or pizza night at the Tap House,cant be bad? Malcolm will of course be available for a natter about bonzers etc etc .more details to follow.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Great shot of "DOOGS" stalling for the coverup whilst hammering straight at bournemouth pier westside after this shot he shot the pier and belted one off the left of the eastside! When the westside bank is "on" its a tough call here or the bay? DOOGS absolutely rips and we've surfed together for 40 years man and boy,i'm gonna put a lot more shots of him up as soon as i can get them off him,this pic was in the 90,s sometime?


The Loose Gang Ride into town!! striking terror int old people mainly!!

This is part of the Broad Bench Owners Club, and their weapons off choice when the surfs flat.We had so much fun on these things souping them up and driving like maniacs,we eventually progressed on to lambrettas which never started! My hat on the left reads GOD on the front and "milking human kindness" on the back which to me somes up bloody religion!!.Below is my beautifull Lammy LI 150 series 2 from the 60's mettalic yellow paint,i'm probably trying to start it in this pic.


Thats me at SWAMIS in california with an original Mike Eaton Bonzer,this board relit my Bonzer addiction.My friends and i were in on us holidays and staying with Ian "tommo" Thompson originally from plymouth uk through his mate John Copley one of the plymouth bretheren.The surf wasn't all that which was a shame as all the chaps had brand new pointy thrusters ready to go!!.I hadnt bought a board as they were nothing new and frankly "didnt blow my skirt up",any ways swamis eventually kicks in and me with no board asked tommo to lend me one,so i go under the house and see this bonzer! it was covered in shite and looked bad,tommo was astonished when i said i want that one!.Went out and surfed it and the rest is history,surfed overhead rincon on it later that trip where it went even better,still got the board its a classic as i bought it off tommo!!. cant remember the year but it was a while ago?.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


The board i mean !! thats my 6'6'' red and white vintage BONZER at the Bench, going square off the bottom on a beautifull wave,the russ short 3 fins go good in virtually any conditions,its a black and white photo which is why the board dont look red and white!!.Below that is the legendary SOUL man the late great Jackie Wilson, just the coolest shot of him that i know, throughout the 70's we all tried to copy this move !!.Image taken from his Soul Brother compilation album,listen to "i've lost you " for a classic soul track from this album.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


MC looks knackered he's not long off the plane and jet lagged to say the least.We arrived at chops's place and got the shout that levvy was on and i couldnt miss the chance,never surfed it so we tagged along with MINNSY and the crew i had a great surf and MC watched,he loved it! i lost a fin on the reef,and we all stopped for fish and chips on the way home,dont get much better?.Thats stevie 2 fins behind mc he polishes the BONZERS for us.


The Company Veehicle display its colours. These fords were coachbuilt into the estate car you see here after leaving the Dagenham Ford works, they are very rare cars now and only about a dozen are still on the roads in the uk. 3 litre V6 AUTO GAS GUZZLER still use it a couple of times a week despite the governments crippling petrol TAX !! bollox to them!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Top photo's a classic shot of your mates dropping in on yer at Broad Bench,thats me at the back hurling abuse at the perps!! Bottom shot is the Broad Bench welcoming committee me in my famous dressing gown and TED of ENGLAND wrapped in the dorset tartan,this shot is from the LEGENDARY Easter of many years ago when the whole of our community sodded of to the west coast,as is tradition,me and ted stayed here out of apathy.On the day b4 good friday the bench was a nice 3-4' and clean and we had a ball,there was a photog there from one of the Mags who took shots and surfed with us,we told him to stick around it could get good,but he insited the west coast would be''ON'' and left.Next day Bench is 6-8' perfect,saturday was 8'+,the lads started to call from cornwall as it was shit down there,so we told them the good news they were stunned and on there way word goes round quick,and it must have been like WACKY RACES trying to get back.THEY got the big stuff saturday late and for the next 3 days so it all ended ok.Bench is like that you never really know till your surfing it that its on? "a bird in the hand,etc etc"

Monday, 6 June 2011


A shot of my good self in Java a lifetime ago it seems on a BONZER shaped by my friend Peter Lascelles i think this is the 6'10'' i'm on i also had a 7'4'' with me,both were 5 fin and went really good.This was the second batch of Bonzers i had from Mr Lascelles,i had a short 3 fin egg from him and a 7'6'' 5 fin again they went good especially the 7'6'' which i still have!.I sold the 7'6'' to a mate cos he loved it,and after many years he sold it to another mate of ours who i saw using it at bournemouth one day,so i had a go on it for old times sake and loved it so bought it back!.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


These photos are from the archives of a very young stokesy {12}? discussing his 6'4'' shelter model BONZER with Malcolm down at Laminations forget the year but its a while ago.Malcolm was really impressed with Stokesy trying a BONZER at his age really going against the grain of conformity,Alan was at the time being advised/helped a lot by fellow hotrodder John{revolver}isaacs which helped bring this collaboration together,the results are self evident in the top 2 a4 sheets courtesy of Lee{land of saints}Evans who was also involved in bringing this together.I think stokesy is having it away on that board in those frame grabs totally progressive moves with old school style,i think he still has the board.As a result of stokesy loving the BONZER feel we were approached by Salomon Stokesys sponsor at the time as he wanted to use the BONZER in competition ,i asked MC about the venture but the govenor wasnt for selling out to do the mass production plugs over hand built with soul surfboards and there endeth the story.Still like to see Stokesy on one in a comp tho!!