Sunday, 5 June 2011


These photos are from the archives of a very young stokesy {12}? discussing his 6'4'' shelter model BONZER with Malcolm down at Laminations forget the year but its a while ago.Malcolm was really impressed with Stokesy trying a BONZER at his age really going against the grain of conformity,Alan was at the time being advised/helped a lot by fellow hotrodder John{revolver}isaacs which helped bring this collaboration together,the results are self evident in the top 2 a4 sheets courtesy of Lee{land of saints}Evans who was also involved in bringing this together.I think stokesy is having it away on that board in those frame grabs totally progressive moves with old school style,i think he still has the board.As a result of stokesy loving the BONZER feel we were approached by Salomon Stokesys sponsor at the time as he wanted to use the BONZER in competition ,i asked MC about the venture but the govenor wasnt for selling out to do the mass production plugs over hand built with soul surfboards and there endeth the story.Still like to see Stokesy on one in a comp tho!!

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