Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Top photo's a classic shot of your mates dropping in on yer at Broad Bench,thats me at the back hurling abuse at the perps!! Bottom shot is the Broad Bench welcoming committee me in my famous dressing gown and TED of ENGLAND wrapped in the dorset tartan,this shot is from the LEGENDARY Easter of many years ago when the whole of our community sodded of to the west coast,as is tradition,me and ted stayed here out of apathy.On the day b4 good friday the bench was a nice 3-4' and clean and we had a ball,there was a photog there from one of the Mags who took shots and surfed with us,we told him to stick around it could get good,but he insited the west coast would be''ON'' and left.Next day Bench is 6-8' perfect,saturday was 8'+,the lads started to call from cornwall as it was shit down there,so we told them the good news they were stunned and on there way word goes round quick,and it must have been like WACKY RACES trying to get back.THEY got the big stuff saturday late and for the next 3 days so it all ended ok.Bench is like that you never really know till your surfing it that its on? "a bird in the hand,etc etc"

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