Saturday, 11 June 2011


Thats me at SWAMIS in california with an original Mike Eaton Bonzer,this board relit my Bonzer addiction.My friends and i were in on us holidays and staying with Ian "tommo" Thompson originally from plymouth uk through his mate John Copley one of the plymouth bretheren.The surf wasn't all that which was a shame as all the chaps had brand new pointy thrusters ready to go!!.I hadnt bought a board as they were nothing new and frankly "didnt blow my skirt up",any ways swamis eventually kicks in and me with no board asked tommo to lend me one,so i go under the house and see this bonzer! it was covered in shite and looked bad,tommo was astonished when i said i want that one!.Went out and surfed it and the rest is history,surfed overhead rincon on it later that trip where it went even better,still got the board its a classic as i bought it off tommo!!. cant remember the year but it was a while ago?.

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