Wednesday, 15 June 2011


These shots of the superbank were taken in the 1990s sometime,this is on high tide it got even better when the tide went out.The right was the wave to get it went from the tip of the pier all the way to Harry Ramsdens shitty fish and chip shop,forever known as Ramsdens Righthander!!

This shot of the chaps on the piss, this is how we roll !!, me in the hat, shakey dave i think as Gene Simmons ,small in the headband, and far left Surfing Dave Coleman who used to open up for the CLASH no less,this is part of the reason i gave up drinking !!

The caption says it all !! Simon Gracia ,bonzer afficianado, top DJ and the only man i know that swears more than i do,which is a hell of an achievement believe me! This pic was taken at croyde ,relaxing after the first surf 3' glass and sunny having succesfully negotiated the moody locals in the line-up on our BONZERS without being crucified for our beliefs of a master race of sufboards,we await round 2!!.Any resembelance between simon and the new face of calvin klein are purely coincidental.

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