Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Just heard the news that Thomas from U.W.L. surfboards just got married, big CONGRATULATIONS to him and his mrs, ihope they will be very happy together. U.W.L. surfboards are our partners in France in producing Campbell Bros Bonzers and Thomas is the marketing genius behind it. I've included a shot of me still wearing the MOTORHEAD t-shirt that Thomas gave me cheers mate!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Bullshit Stops at Line !!

My T coupe "v" Vassen the German in his big litre Rusty Nail Dodge sedan, Vassen was ordering his first pint whilst i was still on the strip!! ha ha, a pure no contest but thats what happens when you turn up late they put you against anybody thats late also,bloody enjoyed doing it for the first time great crack!!

Hot Rod Hayride 2011

Hanging out with the lads and best of all me neice Oliver with classy knotted hanky cruising to the Drag Racing


Yep shes a beaut! Dimensions are 5'10'' x 21 3/8'' x 2 7/8'' black resin by jason at Ocean Magic.


Well i'm thinking that looks quite nice, but then again wadda i know??

6' 10'' Cleanline

Lovely clean lines on this board owned by richard seen here surfing his local reefbreak,having been there myself i'd wear a crash helmet too!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Eddie is a full power surfer and solid muscle,here doing a full rail bottom turn at the local {bournemouth pier}. i pinched this pic of the internet so hope the geezer doesnt mind?


My Mum bless her has been in the wars lately,as she's going through chemotherapy for leukimia.She's still got a smile on her face though,her generation is like that,she was in London throughout the Blitz so has known tough times, puts todays CHAV generation to fucking shame i feel??

Dutch Skip

my mate Dutch Skip the nicest bloke you could meet fellow blues, and soul music fan.Skip smokes two fags to every pint and is always good company bless him!.


Well not punters really,good freinds, Top pic is Si Gracia with my magic green Russ Short,si's had it on loan for a couple of years cos i wouldnt sell it to him as its a magic board! eventually i made him buy a new one as i wanted to use it again,so we took the board and cloned it,Si loves it so thats good. Other pic is Slim Jim Wrigglesworth ordering his first new board in 10 years{ he's got kids}, Jim got a hybrid octa-merk in blue resin tint and he's down in France using it now,early reports are its good!.

Friday, 26 August 2011

More Crazy Trike, Did i say Trike!!!

Further exhaustive investigation revealed this!! Turns out its a "survivor" from the show circuit, built in 1969 how cool is that!?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Crazy Trike

Trikes you either love them or you hate them,most Trikes are shite and made of angle iron and an old reliant, but during the late 60's and early 70's the creative minds of people like Ed Roth came up with some fantastic stuff,this isnt one of Roths but its barking up the right tree!

T for TWO

Malcolm doing his filming from the back of my Zodiac

Those Crazy Flextails

Dont Ask?

Malcolm going shy for the camera at the lewwinick and looking stern with an array of bonzers at a photoshoot.

MC a study in concentration?

A room of foam monuments!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Diamond Tail Pod

From memory this board is 6' 8''

Mini light vehicle

This board is for Adam and is 5' 8'', a lovely Morning of the Earth type shape