Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Thats Slim Jim aka jimbob doing the surfing there on his Octa Fishy Merk Hybrid in france MC put in some work getting this one right for jim as its his first noo board in 10 years,Jim used to work for us when we had a surf shop and once distinguished himself by selling a pair of £50 Q/SILVER boardshorts for 50 pence! as a direct result of this jim now wears glasses! Ben & Charlie are good little surfers in their own right and are working up to BONZERS soon! Mum Deb holds things together and surfs as well dead cool!

Friday, 2 September 2011


How fast is that Chevy Gasser !! well not nearly as fast as the all british car with union jack roof!! i personaly have never!! seen a quicker car.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Classic little OCTAFISH here for sale from my stock, weighing in at 6'2'' x 21'' x 2 5/8'' solid glass 6-4-4 oz deck and 6-4 oz on the belly. sprayed in powder blue with polish, looks good to me comes complete with fin @ £670.


Jesus of Nazereth,the well known street entertainer did amazing tricks with fish, and so could you with this little darling!! you could be carving it up with biblical proportions on this 6'0'' x 21'' x 2 9/16'' OCTAFISH . solid glass at 6-4-4 oz deck and 6-4oz bottom cool spray with polish,comes complete with fin @ £ 670.

Thieving Git !!!

Bruno caught red pawed on a visit to a garden center,well it does say available for your dog on the packet!!.He was very sweet bless him he kept looking over his shoulder to see if he was getting away with it? he wasnt of course and has now achieved a life ban from this garden centre! thats my boy!