Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bournemouth Pier Survival Kit !!

Take a beaten up board {preferably a Bonzer} plus the above, add a pair of  nail clippers or scissors up the sleeve of your wetsuit for the fishing lines that you inevitably get wrapped up in and you're set for your session at the pier ?!. Rating far above Shipsterns or Teahupoo in risk factor and danger to yourself is the Pier!. The problems arise from overcrowding and access to the water {jump off the pier} for novices, and the lack of any other surf spots in the Bay, plus the inner and outer break that happens at the pier and its a bomb waiting to go off ! I have seen a lot of injuries happen and punches thrown on a daily basis , that its getting ridiculous? Whats the answer? i really dont know we've tried for years to calm it down but nobody listens, a plea for sanity maybe before someones killed out there??. The brass knuckles,by the way are a touch of irony!!

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  1. I try not to surf the pier anymore after 40 odd years of surfing.. I go else where for some peace...and a good laugh..like old times...but don't give up on the pier its great..i miss it