Sunday, 20 November 2011

Keith Marshallsay 10/07/55 - 25/09/11

Very sad to hear the news of keiths death in september due to a Brain Tumour, i only found out last friday when his other half and soul-mate Suzanne tracked me down to kindly let me know, i was shocked as i didnt even know of his illness and it still has'nt really sunk in. Keith or "Lumpy" as he was known to us surfers was a diamond to know, with the most wicked sense of humour! he was king of the dry one liner and would have me in stitches all the time. Lumpy was a few years older than me and one of the first generation surfers round here,along with Colin aka the Green Giant,as the other partner in the an anarchic double act of wit! i looked up to these guys being younger and jumped at the chance to go to the Isle of Wight for the south coast champs in the early 70'swe arrived on the saturday en masse with a crew from Bournemouth only to find it flat!, so we amused ourselves doing the big hill{main road} at compton on skateboards,which was fine for us kids but the "adults" soon got bored and we all retired to the pub at opening time{a.m.} whereupon it was decided a drinking contest would alleviate the boredom? and so it commenced,well lumpy and the green giant won that particular contest with a joint first of 25 pints each!!. They didnt however get away unscathed as they then decided to have a punching contest which again was a draw!,when we eventually got back to our B&B they then decided to run round the whole hotel naked with the tooth brush beakers covering thir respective modesties untill they collapsed!!, all in a days work to these two?. I was stunned as i'd never seen grown men do this sort of thing, but didnt stop laughing for a week!. Lumpy never changed really,he may have got older but i,d like to think he didnt grow up to much? he still gave us the same greeting, Orright Muuush! in his dorset accent which i still copy to this day,still makes me laugh!. When you look at his photo you can see his lop sided grin with a mischievious look in his eyes, but you can also see kindness in there as well which sort of sums up Lumpy, Suzanne is being very strong and brave at the moment,but she says she misses him hugging her the most,so if you see her give her a hug from Lumpy.x.x.

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  1. Thank you Guy, from the bottom of my heart, and no, he never did grow up, he was still doing stupid and childish things, but then he wouldn't have been Keith if he didn't! Love and miss him always... xxxxx