Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mountain Dew Spoon by Pete Berry

If you know about Kneeboards then Maroubras Pete Berry  is one of the great design guru's and innovators!. Pete is known as the ozzy George Greenough, and me and my brother became freinds with him in 1980 whilst living in Sydney. This is my brother mark's spoon which was built by pete for him in his backyard shaping shed in the "Bra", there were 2 built at the same time and both are in bournemouth.The whole process in watching these evolve was was addictive,me and my bruv would knock off work and go to petes all the time to watch a craftsman at work and take the piss and laugh all the time,you could do that with pete,he was no prima donna despite his legendary reputation. His kneeboards were ahead of their time and intriguing to me as a lot of his boards had flex,not just the spoons, his 7'0'' Gun kneeboard was awesome,and he rode 15' Angourie on it!!. Their is precious little on the Net about pete,but worth checking out,I think pete is still around?. The shots are of Mark riding the spoon for the first time in 29 years! it got a lot of attention!!


  1. This is gonna start a regular 'ol prayer session. Bring out the kneelers.
    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetest looking shots i've seen in a longtime.
    Congrat's to the Penwarden brothers for putting the stoke back were it belongs.