Monday, 21 November 2011

Rib Capsizes at Kimmeridge!!!

Whilst surfing Da Bay on saturday i noticed a RIB parked in the bay apparently some SUP riders had boated in from Weymouth. SUP stands for stand up paddle board{a cross between a gondola and a punt}. whist the lads went SUPeeing in the bay they left a girl aboard the boat, i didnt pay it much attention until i got out and started taking pictures.I could then see the boat was way to close to the surf and way off the deep water channel and safety! a big set wandered through and the inevitable happened!! The coastguard was called and the chopper arrived. Rumour is rife about the incident,but i do know they had earlier tried to park it in the lineup at yellow ledge!!.You cant just leave boats anywhere when there's big waves moving through you have to know where the channels are or you're an accident waiting to happen!!The girl was rescued the guy refused the helicopter assistance,i dont get it!!? luckily my brother{paramedic}was on hand to make the tea whilst we watched the spectacle till dark.I shudder to think of the cost of this operation? and i'm assuming that there will be a large contribution going to the RNLI from the lads concerned as this was an avoidable accident!

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