Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fancy a Bonzer freindly Break?? well if ya do,look no further than the Surf Hostel.Its based in morocco within walking distance of lots of good point breaks and beachy,s, and is only £18 per night B+B!! {see photos} The best thing about it is ,they have about 35 boards that you can use which are not the dreaded thrusters!! They are retro style boards like 70's single fins,twin fins,quads and BONZERS, like Russ Shorts,octafish,bumblebees etc, so you can expand your surfing horizons on a daily basis and try out new designs to you! It's a no brainer really innit ? Its run by Joe and Farrel,and they're good lads and BONZER fanatics as well!.Oh and the Russ Short and the Taylor Knox in the pics are Joes new boards so he might not let you use those!!

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