Monday, 5 December 2011

CHOPS !!!-- still the man!

Great shot of my old freind CHOPS on his 8'0'' platypus square of the bottom,He's "done" a bit of weight he tells me and is obviously back ripping! Chops also is a bonzer advocate and has been for years he made me this Bonzer in the pics,which is a 7'6'' and a magic board. At the time i was riding short thrusters and my surfing in those days was off the bottom of the top and getting monotous,i talked to chops about getting a Bonzer semi gun so i could draw more lines and this is the result,it went ace i used it for years and finally a mate begged me to sell it to him and i did,many years later he gave me a go on it and i was hooked again and bought it back! im gonna use it again soon cos its ace. The only down side to this line drawing experiment is i have now lost the knack of going off the lip?!.

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  1. I remember riding that back in 97 when Hagger had it : )