Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bondi {scum valley} 1980

Me, Kev Lawton and "Small" at our flat in bondi with the first boards we got in oz.Mine's a McCoy double winger, kevs yellow board,god knows? the white one with stripes was a G&S and Smalls was a twinny from memory, me and Kevs were single fins. Bondi or Scum Valley as it was known was pretty down to earth in those days, a lot of crime and drugs went on there, our flat was right on Campbell Parade right on the beach, you went out of our front door across the road and you were on the beach!. bondi is to this day the worst surf break i've surfed!!, i didnt take us long to go and surf the north side!!. Oh yeah and the Thruster hadnt been invented yet!.

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