Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Durlston Head {more from the you missed it range}

Doogs again at Durlston, mid 70's the board on the ground is Kev Lawtons who took the pix. These were pioneering days of trying out new spots and Durlston was a lot of fun,tho we got some hidings down there in learning to ride it, we probably got just as many hidings getting down the cliffs to the "beach".The first time i surfed it was with "aussie" Steve Lynton, midweek on a super spring low,way back towards the point in the corner a perfect little point break righthander thats was V-shallow, i remember Steve getting bounced off the bottom on a big wave whilst riding his 7'+ Freedom single fin, the sun was out that day,a beautifull day that i'll never forget! Steve you LEGEND xx.

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