Monday, 12 March 2012

YA missed it !! During the 70's!!

Derrick "Doogs" Dear at Broad Bench.Probably early to mid 70's alone apart from the camera man{his mrs i think}.Note the 2 piece wetsuit longjohn and pod as it was known and also the board he was riding,a single fin of course!!.No crowds at all just "doogs" surfing it,as nobody surfed it much in those days, just me,doogs,kev lawton and a handfull of others. i was probably at school that day?!. Doogs got tubed senseless that day cos he's a legend! note also the mode of transport to get out their,and the red flag showing the offshore,also derrick aving a well earned fag.Quite relevant showing how it used to be,as Bench yesterday was to crowded as it nearly always is nowadays.So when people tell us we missed it!,I think it was you guys that really missed it?

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