Wednesday, 29 August 2012

EGG for Sale !!!!!!!

ED the Fish is reluctantly selling this 6'8'' winged EGG its a chunky board at 3'' thick, but ED's a big lad! board is in very good condition with the usual foot dents. It comes complete with a clear centre fin 6.5'', i dont know the width of the board as the resin tint has obscured it,sorry. It was hand shaped by Malcolm Campbell and is up for £525 GBP, which i think is a fair price, if your interested contact ED on  07771 846606. thanks.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Important action required for the protect our waves campaign (pow) we need people to sign the petition for better access to the mighty Broad Bench pictured pictured above amongst other waves that are under threat. The goal is to get 100.000 signatures so you'd better get cracking with ur facebook/twitter thingys and put the word out, and even if you have to, use the ancient art of conversation? The adress is the one in the title above, but that is not a link to it, or just go on the SAS site. Your help is greatly appreciated xx Guy.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Award winning south coast photographer Emma Macwilliam has launched her own range of prints(at long last). There is some really beatifull images which feature surf shots of Hawaii and the Jurassic Coast amongst others, i particularly like the Jurassic Coast stuff in black and white,which now adorn the walls of my hovel!!.Emma has a lot of pix and a good selection on her site,well worth a butchers--see the link on the homepage.

Monday, 13 August 2012

My Pink Chopper!

Saw this and loved it! Always wanted one and i'm not getting any younger. I'ts a Triumph 650, alright the colours a bit dodgy but it has grown on me (ducky)! It was featured in Back Street Heroes in this colour,so probably worth more as it is. I've never had a motorbike licence so had to do the test and passed with flying colours (thanks MOTAG). Had a lot of teething problems, but is now fairly sorted!! Get ur motor running,head out on the highway!!!