Monday, 3 December 2012


KS has had his house Burgled on the north shore! The swines only took the best stuff as you can see, including his Malcolm Campbell Bonzer!!!. Kelly had been charging PIPE on this board in preperation for the contest, speculation about him using it in the comp was rife!!, another cruel twist of fate in the Bonzer saga ?. However a demo 5'11'' is on its way to Hawaii along with Taylor Knox's new bonzer so we may still see some Bonzer action at Pipe.


  1. Thats all it is,speculation, cant see him riding a Bonzer in such an important competition, Think the rumour came from Parko!

    1. Hi anonymous,i can give you a bit more info on where the rumour came from perhaps?.My nephew Charlie Penwarden hung out with KS and Taylor Knox at the Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor this year and KS told charlie that he wants to use a Bonzer in a competition,so why not at Pipe? as Bonzer Afficianados will tell you they are the best tube riding boards going! plus KS is always pushing the envelope with board design/surfing it would be cool to see i feel? cheers Guy.