Friday, 18 October 2013

"CHOPS" Tribute surf !!

Chops built me this Bonzer years ago and its one of my favourite boards, its well worn and i havent ridden it for a while, so i broke the old bugger out,in honour of King Chops memory, and it effing flew!! hats off to his Lordship!! xx


  1. Hi Guy , sorry to hear about your good friend Chops :| , sure he would be well chuffed you've broken out one of his creations n giving it a tear around ;-) , just looking to see if you had any south coast storm madness pics posted from last couple of days , durlston etc , guess I could be a bit early n not posted yet so ill have another look in a few days , did have a pic of the DON workin other day on the east trundle we had ill see if I can post to you ;-) take care buddy

  2. Hey Guy, I remember when that board was new!

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