Saturday, 5 April 2014


Another Kimmeridge gate issue has happenend, with abuse and intimidation levelled at the very lovely Carol who takes the money on the gate !! This happened on Thursday and has just come to my attention. It follows the usual pattern whereby a "surfer" doesnt want to pay the £5 entry fee and is refused entry and then sees fit to give carol a mouthfull of abuse!, the protagonist then sits in his car outside the gate scowling in an intimidating manner at Carol ? Tough Cookie isnt he?. Eventually getting out of his car to see if she {carol} "takes cards"! as it is a wooden hut in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere,of course it doesnt take fucking cards!! it is also not a cashpoint,a branch of Tescos or a merchant bank you twat!!. The car in question is a blue hatchback and you sir the driver should be ASHAMED of yourself, Carol is due an apology from you sir, so best get over and do it asap?. Kimmeridge is a private estate and their rules are that you pay to get in end of story !! cheers GUY.

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