Sunday, 25 May 2014


Whilst staying  @ Fawlty Towers in Cornwall (real name withheld for fear of retribution) the fire alarm goes off @ 3 am in our room, MC immeadiately jumps on a rickety old stool to silence the ceiling mounted alarm and falls off it arse over tit and sprains both his wrists and probably breaks his nose (pictured) and was lucky not to break his neck!!.So i take him to work @ 7am and go back for my brekky and guess what? a party of Germans come down for brekky !?, you couldnt script this really could you? The war was not mentioned in any way, i mentioned it once but i think i got away with it !? MC is fine tho really bless him!


  1. Well, the war's over now so we won't mention it again, although you did start it by invading Poland.
    I think you ordered a Goering with a Himmler side and a Goerbels appetizer to start?
    Well who bloody well won the war then?
    And as for MC...stay away from the Symbionese liberation army...(Guy, ask MC about that one).